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News : The RACE – North West Donegal – 252kms in 24 hours – 14th/15th April 2018





The RACE – North West Donegal – 252kms in 24 hours – 14th/15th April 2018

Brian Rodgers headed back home to the North West part of his beloved Donegal to take part in the “RACE” – A distance of over 250kms around the stunning and rugged part of North West Donegal by means of 71kms of running, 15kms of Kayaking and 166kms of cycling.

The 60 strong competitors slept on Friday night on the shores of Gartan Lake and got up an hour before dawn to start the RACE with a half marathon and proceed as follows over 5 tough stages -

Stage 1 – Run a half marathon (22km) from Gartan Adventure Centre to Lough Swilly,

Stage 2 – Kayak 15km in Lough Swilly from Ramelton to Rathmullen.

Stage 3 – Cycle 96km from Rathmullen to Muckish Mountain.

Stage 4 – Run/Scramble 5km up and down 500 metres Muckish Mountain.

Stage 5 – Cycle 70km from Muckish Mountain to Glenveigh National Park.

Stage 6 – Run a marathon (42km) along the paths and trails of Glenveigh back to Gartan Adventure centre.

Each stage had a cut-off point which had to be met and Brian not only got inside each target but crossed the finish line at Gartan Adventure centre in 20 hours and 15 minutes for 26th place overall.

Brian admitted afterwards that he found it easier than he was anticipating but we just think you should be admitted along with Mr Hunter, O’Rourke and Drennan.

Full details of this event can be found on the – extraordinary Brian - follow that Hunter !!!

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